On the wasteland continent of Zaelu-Kil-Tane, an archeological guild known as the Society of Ancients has uncovered evidence of something kept hidden for many ages—the existence of twelve “godlings”, the true creators of the world, whose souls were trapped in glittering gems after trying to usurp a mysterious being known as the “All-Father”.

However, not all discoveries are welcomed. Agents of the various deities currently in power dog our heroes at every turn, trying both to prevent the knowledge from spreading and to keep their gods in power. Meanwhile, the godlings themselves appear to be awaking from their long slumber, and some of the new gods appear to be losing their own divinity.

Crystalline Dreams is a high level D&D 3.5 campaign set in the strongly elementally-tied world of Xaikatis. Initially inspired by an unsuccessful (but popular) message board RPG, the campaign at this point bears little resemblance to its predecessor, save but for a few names and the lore of the Crystalline. For instance, both incarnations of the initial game were set in modern-day Manhattan and focused on the human vessels of the godlings.

Much of the campaign is worked in broad strokes, with more details shaped through each new session. Thus, while the wiki now may be full of red links, as the PCs explore more of the world, they’ll gradually turn blue as each new piece of information comes to light.

So, arm yourself, pick a side, and get ready. The war is coming.

Crystalline Dreams

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