Crystalline Dreams

Recap of Events, both recent and long ago

Oh, yeah...we have a web-thingy, don't we?

Wow. Sooo…a lot’s happened since the last post. Here’s the quick and dirty version:

After freeing Garah and Bodizzorak, the party continued to explore the volcanic demi-plane. After defeating a Primal Fire Elemental and capturing (and then brainwashing) some Kobolds, they stumbled upon a treasure room. The room, like any good dragon’s hoard, had been heavily trapped, and while they were able to wipe the poison off of the gold (and save it for later use), they missed the trap that caused the room to quickly fill with water. After surviving an onslaught by two fast-swimming, spell-slinging dragons, a hole in the floor was opened and after some more exploration, our heroes found themselves in a corridor of portals in the Demonweb Pits. With the help of Garah, the Abyssal Bloodsteel doors lining the corridor were collected, and the party found a portal into the city of Sigil, the crossroads of the planes. The doors were sold for a very tidy sum, and our heroes were able to gear up and relax before finally returning to their home on Xaikatis, having found a way around the teleportation lock that had plagued them before (and also free of the Avatar that had been following them).

Upon returning to the City of Sand, our heroes found that much had changed since their departure. The city had been laid siege to, and all of Khalaan’s followers had either been outright slain or turned into shambling mockeries of what they once were. A great evil lurked somewhere in the shadows, sending waves of powerful enemies to wear down the party. After collecting a Gloom (because the party answer to everything they fight seems to be to capture it and save it for later use), what can only be described as a murder of Infernals circled around our heroes. Before they could act, proud Terelk was snatched and swiftly killed in a brazen act of violence. A frightened Lunara tried to hide in the building below while the rest of the party could only watch in stunned silence. What Lunara stumbled upon, however, was much more disquieting. A one-eyed lich stared back at her. The terrified catwere beat a hasty retreat and warned the rest of the party, who had now been joined by a reptilian warlock who had been tracking the swath of destruction that had ravaged the continent of Zaelu-Kil-Tane. Khalaan, recognizing the description as being that of the terrible god Vecna, quickly moved everyone to the former home of Jaevedra Ollett and the Heavenly Order, where the party began to process what had happened and where to go from there.

Some quick long-distance reconnaissance revealed many things: Jaevedra, once thought to have run off to face certain doom, was alive, leading the fight against the Devastation Beetle plaguing her homeland. The army of undead had landed in Cordell and moved north through the continent before settling in the City of Sand, utterly destroying everything and everyone in its path. Jacoby Thaern and Daneth Valdoun had managed to make it out of Cordell alive, and were heading towards a location in the eastern mountains. Khalaan and Balthezar decided it best to head back to Sigil, where they might be able to do some more research.

Poring over texts that focused on the lore of the Lich-god, they managed to track the last known location of the artifiact known as the Sword of Kas—the Obsidian dragon who had created the volcanic demi-plane that the party had visited. They also narrowed the location that Jacoby and Daneth were traveling to as the home of Madame Uth, one of the foremost experts on the New Gods and their lore. Deciding to first retrieve the sword, they retraced their steps to arrive back on the demi-plane. Once back, the party acquired 2 lava-born krakens and caused the drug-addicted Pit fiends that an Abishai had summoned to turn against him by offering them some high-quality Mordayn vapor before splitting up to try and find the master of the realm. Lunara stumbled upon a Cobalt dragon and gave chase through the water, following her back to her personal lair.



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