Balthezar Cordestor

A Psion of mysterious origins, Balthezar is an imposing man who is easily recognized by the crystal hawk mask that he wears.

Balthezar Cordestor
Psion 9 / Metamind 10 / Arch Psion | ECL: 20 | Race: Elan | Size: M | Gender: M
Align: LN | Age: 82 | Ht: 5'8" | Wt: 160lbs | Eyes: Ruby | Hair: Jet Black

STR 23    BAB: +9/+4                                            HP: 152
DEX 19    Fist             +13/+8   1d3+6
CON 21    Short Spear +1   +*/+*    1d6+6   x2 crit
INT 24      20' range   Psychic, Teleporting, Power Storing
WIS 19
CHA 19

Spd: 30'     Init: +8    Grapple: +15    Action Points: 15

Fort 17    AC: 32 = 10 + 16 armor + 2 dex + 5 deflection - 1 misc
Ref  16       Touch 16    Flat-Footed 30
Will 24
             Skin of Ectoplasmic Armor +8   MaxDex +2   ArmorCheck -6
             Bracers of Armor +8,    Vest of Protection +5(deflection)

  Skills                    Racial Traits
Autohypnosis    26           +2 PowerPoints, Immune to humanoid only effects, 
Concentration   24           Resistance(su) 1pp to gain +4 bonus to saves(immediate)
Diplomacy        5           Resiliance(su) reduce dmg by 4 per 1pp (immediate)
Intimidate      15           Repletion(su) sustain w/o food/water for 24hrs for 1pp
Knwlg(thePlanes)11          Class Features
Knwlg(psionics) 25           Free Manifesting 1st+2nd 3/day, 3rd+4th 1/day
Listen          10           Font of Power endless pp for 1 minute 1/day
Psicraft        27           Mastery of Power Negation
Search          21          Feats 
SenseMotive      9           Combat Reflexes, Improved Init, Quicken Power,
Spot            19           Overchannel, Unconditional Power, Oppertunity Power,
Survival         6           Psioninc Meditation, Maximize Power, Narrow Mind,
UsePsiDevice     6           Combat Meditation, Enhanced Elan Resiliance,
                             Skill Focus: Psicraft, Leadership

Languages- Common, Draconic, Undercommon        
Dwarven, Elven

Psionics(Psychokinesis)  33 PowersKnown  MaxLvl 9  MaxPPmanifest 18  PPReserve 651

Bag of Holding(Psionic), Short Spear(Psionic), Crystal Mask of Insight(enhanced),
Third Eye of Conceal, Bracers of Armor+8, Psyonitrix of Psychokinesis,
Skin of the Troll(5)/Skin of Ectoplasmic Armor+8, Cloak of Resistance+5,
Vest of Protection+5(deflect), Ring of Evasion, Ring of Self Sufficiency,
Belt of Giant Strength+6, Boots of Speed

Balthezar is a Psion of great power. He specializes in Psychokinesis and has been known to use a great deal of telpathic powers as well. His enemies know him to favor disintegrating those he faces in battle, leaving nothing but dust and empty armor behind. He also carries a wicked shortspear of great and apperently varying power that has been seen to teleport itself back to his hand after being thrown, and sheaths himself in an ectoplasmic silver ooze during battle.

He is an imposing figure, but not for great height or large muscles. He covers himself in magically and psionically enhanced items and clothing, most notably his crystalline hawk mask which he has not been observed to remove. This mask prevents others from seeing most of his face. All that is visible of him is his mouth which is set in a permanent frown. This, along with a direct manner and forcefull body language, gives him a severe appearance that causes disquiet among those around him.

Balthezar does not speak about his past, nor where he comes from. One thing he does make clear is that he is an agent of balance. He cares little for the laws and morals of others and will seek to promote balance in all things.

His curiosity about the current divine upheaval has driven him to join Khalaan and Terelk in their investigations. While he does not worship, nor even seem to care for, any particular deity, Balthezar seeks to do his best in returning balance to the cosmos in any way that he can.

Balthezar Cordestor

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