The Legend of the Crystalline

In the beginning, there were the archgods.

The archgods, in turn, created the planes, each one imbuing their plane with their very essence, giving so much of themselves that they became absorbed within it.

All of them, except for The All-Father.

The All-Father was too proud, too selfish to give of himself as his siblings had. He desired dominion and control over the lesser beings that would populate his plane, but had no drive to create the plane himself.

So, instead, he created twelve godlings, each one charged with a specific task in shaping the new world.

P’dannit the Brilliant brought forth the light, while Kialim the Shade birthed the darkness, to contrast it.

Hlovith the Stoic shaped the mighty metal and stone that would form the world’s core, carving deep chasms and high mountains into the surface. Umvana the Blaze used immense heat to temper it, which Lequiss the Wave cooled with her seemingly endless waters. The cooling was helped by Isamré the Dervish, whose breaths became the mighty wind currents.

It was then that each of the godlings claimed an area for their own. Hlovith took Zaelu Kil Tane, with its vast dry deserts and forbidding mountain ranges; Umvana chose Ipmaere, where lava flowed forth from the ground; Isamré chose icy, forbidding Elíyua, and Touvaun the Verdant filled Aevquin with lush vegetation.

After the children of the elements finished their work in building the world, Iyasu the Lifebringer began creating various organisms to fill it. But the animals and beasts she birthed from her imagination were not enough for the All-Father; he wanted something intelligent to hold dominion over, so that they would recognize his superiority and worship him. Iyasu brought forth what she considered to be her finest creation, forged in the image of the All-Father, herself, and her siblings. She called the creatures “humans”.

The last four of the godlings brought forth their gifts onto the human race: Kyrrov the Bloody taught them to fight; Vaastri the Librarian taught them the value of knowledge and how to tap into the power of the arcane. Fallon the Mimic imbued them with the notions of chaos and change. And, finally, Ariaeon the Symphony sang the first mesmerizing note in the new world, and all of the creatures in the world echoed it back.

The All-Father’s new world, called Xaikatis, was complete. He smiled and waited for the praise and worship to come in.

And waited.

And waited.

No cries of worship entered the All-Father’s consciousness. Perplexed, he viewed the events on Xaikatis. He was enraged by what he saw.

Instead of venerating the All-Father, the humans had turned their attentions toward the godlings. The godlings, for their part, had tried to convince the humans of the glory of the All-Father, but the humans saw the hands of the godlings in their world’s creation, and saw no reason to honor the All-Father.

The jealous archdeity chose to show his hand more directly in the humans’ lives. He began to rain down destructive acts, torturing the humans with forces of nature that they had never seen before. Earthquakes, storms of every variety, devastating droughts, tidal waves—all plagued the insolent humans. The All-Father, confident that this display of power would show the humans that he was not a force to be trifled with, waited once again for the praise to wash upon him.

And once again, there was none.

The All-Father’s display had strengthened the humans’ belief in the godlings, and more than ever, they called to them for help. Iyasu in particular had the amount of worship she received swell to insane heights. The humans began to call her the “All-Mother”, and prayed for her to show kindness and mercy upon them. This enraged the All-Father even further, and his reasoning began to slip. In his clear state of madness, he saw what path he needed to pursue if he was to gain the worship of these lowly creatures.

He needed to eradicate his children.

The first attack was made against sweet Ariaeon, and she became deafened in the brutality, never again able to hear that which was sacred to her. A blight fell upon Touvaun’s jungles. One by one, each of the godlings was trapped in a perpetual cycle of torture engineered to make them as mad as the All-Father, so that they would lead to their own destruction. And each one began to break down.

Except for Iyasu.

Iyasu had been given special attention by the All-Father, and he deduced that the shortest path to hurting her was to continue to attack the humans while she watched helplessly. Watching both her siblings and beloved humans suffer so much, day after day, did not break her. Unlike the All-Father, her resolve strengthened, and her path became clear.

She needed to band together with her siblings, and they needed to commit the ultimate patricide.

It took some time, but eventually all of her siblings began to agree with the idea, and a plan was formulated. If all twelve cooperated, success was guaranteed. None could falter, or all would fail.

When the time for the attack came, however, Fallon saw its chance to seize power. It betrayed everyone during the final moments of the charge, and due to its treachery, the godlings were imprisoned in glittering gems. The All-Father scattered them across the lands, so that the siblings would never be in one another’s company again.

Many years passed. Eventually, new gods rose to fill the vacancies the godlings had left, and the names of the All-Father and the Crystalline faded from memory.

The Legend of the Crystalline

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